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Logistics, Transport, Shipping (LTS)

Our Firm’s services related to LTS service industry companies include, in particular, the following:
  • comprehensive legal advice in areas of general cargo shipping, FTL transportation and sea, air and rail freight,
  • developing and reviewing issues related to the transport of dangerous (ADR) and oversized goods,
  • support for the creation of formal structures for intermodal shipping,
  • implementation of legal solutions in contract logistics and storage of goods,
  • legal advice in the management of supply chains,
  • preparing and editing service regulations and contract templates,
  • active help in negotiating terms of insurance contracts (carrier’s and shipper’s liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance),
  • advice on the complaint procedures,
  • preparing and reviewing contracts for car fleet sales and leasing,
  • drafting and negotiating rental/leasing of real estate (warehouses, logistics centers, loading terminals),
  • due diligence research and conducting mergers and acquisitions of LTS companies,
  • conducting labor disputes and compensation,
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Commercial and Corporate Law

The Firm’s operations in the area of commercial law and corporate governance include:
  • counsel on mergers and acquisitions of commercial companies,
  • current assistance to commercial law companies,
  • drafting of contracts, statutes, by-laws and other acts governing the functioning of businesses and their bodies,
  • comprehensive service to bodies of commercial companies,
  • preparation of legal opinions relating to the legal issues identified by the Client,
  • representing Clients in registration proceedings,
  • legal counsel concerning commercial law regulations,
  • representing Clients in disputes between shareholders and with the participation of board members,
  • legal assistance when purchasing Ready Made Shelf Companies.

Tax & Customs Law

Our services in the area of tax and customs law include, in particular:
  • legal advice on taxes such as VAT, CIT, PIT, excise tax, local taxes, inheritance and gift tax and the tax on civil law transactions,
  • support for the taxation of foreigners and persons earning income in foreign jurisdictions, including the use of agreements for the avoidance of double taxation,
  • recommendations for tax optimization, including tax planning of new investments,
  • representation in tax and customs proceedings,
  • advice on custom duties and the use of standards governing international trade in goods,
  • representation in tax and customs proceedings,
  • representation in legal proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • preparing applications associated with the interpretation of tax law.

Real Estate Law

Our services in the area of real estate law include, in particular:
  • comprehensive services in all transactions concerning the property (reviewing mortgage and land registry records, legal audits of the property, preparing and evaluating contracts on the transfer of property ownership),
  • preparing and appraising agreements related to commercial use of the property (rental, lease, timesharing, leasing of real estate)
  • representing Clients before administrative bodies and administrative courts, in matters relating to property,
  • conducting negotiations concerning all property-related matters on Clients’ behalf,
  • representing Clients in real estate litigation, including, but not limited to the matters of: the property prescription, abolition of co-ownership, division, establishment of easements/servitude,
  • legal counseling on matters relating to agricultural property.

Construction Law

In this area of law, the Firm offers:
  • preparation of construction contracts for investors, general contractors and subcontractors,
  • counsel on construction contracts security mechanisms,
  • legal assistance in the proceedings for obtaining public procurement, formulating queries and objections to Specifications of the Terms of Reference (SIWZ), preparation of appeals,
  • assistance in the preparation and organization of the execution process,
  • legal advice on the creation of agreements, protocols, letters of intent, offers,
  • conducting pending administrative proceedings in which the Client participates,
  • advising on complaints procedures,
  • developing strategies for conducting disputes concerning construction contracts,
  • advising on the acquisition of any administrative measures necessary for the implementation of construction projects,
  • representation of Clients in negotiations and court proceedings,
  • legal assistance to subcontractors in the claiming of receivables directly from investors,
  • counsel on bankruptcy proceedings with the participants of construction litigation,
  • support for the claims of guarantee or warranty.

Technology Law

The range of services provided by the Firm in the area of Technology Law covers:
  • support with respect to accepting appropriate organizational and technical solutions in order to ensure compliance of personal data processing with the applicable provisions of law,
  • preparing documentation necessary to process personal data (the so-called security policy and the IT system management manual),
  • conducting the registration of personal data sets before the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data,
  • taking part in proceedings initiated by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data, with the participation of our Clients,
  • preparing and negotiating agreements on the subject of personal data transfer, including contracts for processing personal data by foreign entities,
  • providing legal advice on the subject of appointing information security administrators, and practical implementation of documents related to the security of personal data processing,
  • conducting training courses on personal data processing in companies pursuant to the law,
  • assessing registrability of Internet domain names, their registration and maintaining security,
  • comprehensive legal assistance in cases of infringement of rights to internet domains (representation in proceedings before the Arbitration Court for Internet Domains at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications),
  • providing advice on legal aspects of conducting business activities over the Internet – including on rendering electronic services,
  • preparing terms and conditions of promotions, loyalty programmes and competitions using personal data.

Disputes Resolution

Our standard in investigation is developing concepts and strategies for each procedure. We represent our Clients in the following procedures:
  • civil,
  • enforcement and protection,
  • bankruptcy,
  • administrative,
  • judicial and administrative proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • arbitration courts,
  • criminal matters, including in particular criminal- and business-related ones (so-called white collar crimes),
  • criminal tax cases,
  • debt recovery, including the use of electronic writ proceedings (e-court).

Pharmaceutical Law

The Firm’s pharmaceutical business services cover the following issues in particular:
  • preparing agreements for the development and implementation of computer software in hospital and instructional pharmacies,
  • assessing the compliance of advertising and promotional announcements with the provisions of law, and verifying the validity of markings on medicinal products, dietary supplements and dietary foods for special nutritional purposes,
  • reviewing specimen agreements concluded by Clients with respect to their compliance with the provisions of law, including the competition law,
  • obtaining appropriate permits for manufacturing and marketing medicinal products, providing advice during wholesale distribution and retail sales of medicinal products conducted for pharmacies,
  • conducting training sessions for medical sales representatives and pharmaceutical company managers, regarding amendments to industrial legal regulations, including on conducting promotions for medicinal products and devices,
  • substantive support and representing Clients in disputes with public authorities supervising the pharmaceutical industry, such as the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector, the Chief Sanitary Inspector, regional bodies of the sanitary inspection, voivodeship pharmaceutical inspectors, and the National Health Fund.